The power of good PR is impressive as DDS and Sandhurst later found out to their delight after we visited one of DDS’s demolition sites in Kent: Sheerness Steel Works.

An early morning visit to the Sheerness site, where DDS were engaged tearing down steel production sheds, produced enough photographic and editorial material for Red Square to create press releases and a video.

We wrote the press release to explain how plant dealer Sandhurst had sold DDS three Atlas Copco Hydraulic Breakers. Both companies were included in the story and background was given about the Steel works.

We then used our editorial contacts within the Construction and Demolition trade press to distribute the release.

DDS Group buyer Lee Pooley was particularly pleased because his company’s heavy excavators and new breaker attachments were featured in every media piece published. Great publicity for DDS.

Collectively the coverage was worth thousands of pounds when compared to the cost of buying equivalent advertising space.