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Enjoy the value a stong brand will make to your business

We believe your brand is all the good stuff that helps your business become distinctive and memorable. Promoting confidence amongst buyers, setting you apart from your competitors and keeping you front of mind when your product or service is required.

Good branding conveys a powerful image of your business and its values so you capture buyer attention. Additionally, your competition loses out as they’re easily forgotten.

Strong branding is an asset and will add value to your business in future.

At Square Interactive Design we have developed a unique process to help discover the many essential factors for creating the best brand image for your business.

During the process we won’t attempt to baffle you with jargon. There will be no smoke and mirrors and we avoid high falutin’ terms like the plague because in our experience, they can cost you the earth.

And that’s not our way.

Instead, our Brand process is simple and straightforward.

By asking critical questions we cut to the heart of what’s best for your business. We reveal its core values, promise to your customers and personality.

From this we develop a visual identity that is both simple, yet makes you instantly recognizable and helps drive your business to distinction.

Ultimately, we’ll hand you a brand guide covering every aspect of using your brand. Together with applications, a colour palette, typefaces and instructions on how to use your logo across all media.

Everything you need in fact and all at a fair cost.

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