As a friendly seasoned team made up of graphic designers, website developers and commercially experienced sales and marketing guys, it is our pleasure to help our clients develop and meet their marketing goals.  
In fact it’s why Square Interactive Design Ltd exists.

We’d welcome the opportunity to help you too, so let’s see if you think we could be a good fit…

Red Square Interactive Ltd

More than just a graphic design agency — A trusted marketing service / resource for business… generating ideas

Unlike many creative design and web agencies operating in abundance in an arty-focused less accountable world, we have previously worked commercially, outside Square Interactive Design, having run B2B sales teams and marketing departments.

It means we know exactly how to harness the exciting creative energy from our graphic designers and combine it with real world commercial experience to produce great results. It’s also our USP and the secret behind our unique marketing-driven graphic design service.

A marketing-driven design service

It’s a success formula we repeatedly use for our clients to deliver a perfect fusion of innovative ideas and down to earth, experienced-based, practical solutions. 

All of which can transform your ideas into tangible results for your business. 

Our service is excellent when you need fresh marketing or creative input. Or advice on ideas you are kicking around in your head but might be unsure about. Perhaps occasionally a trusted second opinion would be advantageous?

You can involve us in single one-off projects, or engage with us over a longer term for regular work when and if that suits you.

What we do know, is the best work is produced as a result of having a solid and honest client-supplier relationship. And so, it is vital we believe, for you to find a supplier that really gets this and spends time getting you, in which case you’ll be injecting a winning advantage into your business.

A good relationship + Connecting on the same wavelength + Trust, honesty & integrity = Outstanding & successful work

You’ll find us an excellent fit if you like practical advice laced with creative flair. And if integrity, sincerity and a genuineness to deliver quality work are all values you want working for you in your business.  

Square Interactive Design‘s experience and services are comprehensive and can be an excellent fit for decision makers who appreciate having access to a responsible team. At Square Interactive Design we’ll take your business as seriously as you do and are ready to be held accountable.

However, we don’t claim to be everything to everyone. So to see if we’re a good match, please read on as maybe we’re not right for you.


We’re a good fit when you:

  • You expect highest level of professional standards and competency.
  • Understand the demographic and psychographic of your potential client or customer.
  • Can provide a clear, organised and fact-filled creative brief – or can point us toward market research. (Our briefing template can help).
  • Expect us to communicate, ask questions and provide creative ideas.
  • Expect us to offer guidance, techniques and tips in line with best practice.
  • Have a realistic timescale for your project
  • Expect us to meet production deadlines.
  • Expect us to meet overall project deadline.
  • Have an adequate budget for your project.
  • You share core values of fairness, honesty and integrity. 
  • Want a supplier who takes responsibility and is willing to be held accountable.
  • Are completely upfront about pricing and run a totally ethical business.

 We’re NOT a good fit when:

  • Your business model includes ‘bait and switch’ or similar tactics and techniques.
  • You are unable to take a totally transparent approach to offers and pricing.
  • You wish to hide behind ‘small print’ to hide the real pricing and obligations – please choose another agency.
  • You expect top-level work for a bargain basement price.
If you believe we’re an excellent fit, please contact us at Square Interactive Design Ltd.
Let’s talk.